List your Coin at Btcpop!

Listing your coin at BTCPOP.CO includes benefits above and beyond any other normal exchange listing. Your coin users will not only gain access to top-grade secure wallets and a high performance exchange, but Btcpop also currently offers:

  • Automatic pooled staking and coin distribution for POS coins
  • Faucet listing at paying out our 2% staking reward fee (and donations)
  • The ability for your coin to be used as a collateral option for P2P loans
  • Access to our 250k existing users and a mention in our newsletter

Features that will be added to Btcpop in the future

  • POW mining pools
  • Shared Masternodes
  • Tradeable masternode shares
  • Coin Block Explorer

Future Exchange improvements

  • Improved user interface and Performance
  • API integration (could be listed as a trading pair on coinmarketcap)
  • Open Website design (can see exchange without logging in)

Current Coin Types supported:

  • Bitcoin
  • Monero
  • Ethereum + ERC20

As volume grows and new features are added Btcpop’s coin listing fee will likely rise.
List your coin today before prices rise!

To have your coin listed please fill out the form below (* required)

Payment link will be sent if Btcpop decides to list your coin.
You will only receive a payment link from [email protected] and it will look like
Do not send to a BTC/BCH address that you have received in chat, an email address that is not [email protected], or other forms of communication.

All listing requests will get a response from Btcpop within 48 hours. Coins will be listed within 24 hours of payment being received.

Listing Requirements/Terms

  • reserves the right to list or refuse to list any coin for any reason. Payment will only be requested after Btcpop has agreed to list your coin.
  • Btcpop Reserves the right to delist any coin for reasons technical or other. Steps to resolution will be given along with proper notice prior to delisting.
  • Btcpop currently does not require a minimum daily volume, but may add one in the future. You will be notified if a volume requirement is instated, and given notice 2 months prior to delisting if trading volume has been insufficient.

Update Fees



* Please note:

  • Failure to inform us at least 7 days in advance of a consensus changing update will incur 200% of the above fees.
  • If you do not inform us about the consensus changing update, you are liable for are required to compensate any damage caused by any credits to an invalid chain.
  • Only 1:1 swaps are currently supported, otherwise all funds must be withdrawn from the exchange.
  • If a swap is not 1:1, 50% of the listing fee applies to process.
  • An address prefix change is mandatory for swaps as otherwise users will continue depositing to old addresses.
  • Tickers cannot be changed after an asset has been created.
  • If part of a fork or swap of an existing asset, users will need to fully withdraw to participate.
  • With proper notice and a clean non-contentious hard fork, the consensus changing update fee may be waived.

Other important notes

If your daemon source code produces any kind of financial damage to Btcpop by malfunctioning or containing serious bugs or exploits, you agree to fully compensate for all damage. We compile from the LATEST OFFICIAL RELEASE of your GitHub. Please ensure your ticker is NOT already used by another project. Confirm with both a search of [ANN] and at CoinMarketCap, that your ticker is unique.